Rattlesnake Vaccine

(Crotalus Atrox Toxoid) for dogs

Dogs are at risk for rattlesnake bite.

Dogs can encounter a rattlesnake anytime they are in rattlesnake habitat. Rattlesnakes inhabit wetlands, deserts, and forests, from sea level to mountain elevations. Rattlesnakes are most active in warmer seasons, spring to autumn, and even year-round in southern latitudes. You and your dog may live, play, or travel near rattlesnakes. Rattlesnakes can live where you and your dog hike, camp, or hunt. Like people, dogs can stumble upon a snake by accident. Your dog’s curiosity or protective instinct can put them at further risk. Red Rock Rattlesnake Vaccine helps protect her.

Injury caused by rattlesnake bite can be serious, long-term, and expensive.

When injected into a  dog, the toxins in snake venom are very painful and can have serious consequences. Even if your dog survives the immediate effects of a rattlesnake bite, he can be permanently injured by the venom. Treatment of snakebite may include antivenom injections that can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Antivenom use is associated with an increased risk of adverse effects that can complicate a dog’s recovery. Other costs of snakebite treatment can include hospitalization, intravenous fluids, other medicines, and even surgery. Vaccination can help reduce the impact of snakebite, reduce or eliminate the need for antivenom, and decrease other treatment costs.

Rattlesnake Vaccine stimulates your dog’s own immunity.

Vaccines work by stimulating an animal’s immunity to help defend against potentially harmful agents. The Rattlesnake Vaccine is intended to help create an immunity to protect your dog against the effects of western diamondback rattlesnake venom.

Snakebite is always an emergency.

Even after your dog is vaccinated against rattlesnake venom, he or she should be taken to a veterinarian for evaluation and care as soon as possible following snakebite. Veterinarians can determine whether your dog will require additional treatment. Even bites by non-venomous snakes can lead to serious infections and antibiotic treatment may be needed. A veterinarian is the best person to consult regarding medical decisions for your dog.

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Ask your veterinarian about Rattlesnake Vaccine